Wednesday, 1 October 2014

A little victory

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself at the moment. To the point that I actually feel the need to write a whole blog post about it. (Egotist, much?)

This morning was challenging. We went to a playgroup. Eleanor is still potty training (that's 'still' pronounced with a laboured groan) and prone to accidents when we're out so I put her in training pants. Almost immediately upon our arrival she started doing her 'need the potty' dance (you all know the dance, right? Or is that just my child?) so I put her on our portable potty and she did the world's smallest number two. (Sorry, dear daughter, I'll delete this post before your friends are old enough to read it, I promise.) The little dances continued so we visited the potty FOUR TIMES to no avail, then eventually she went in her training pants.

Then when we left the group, which she'd been very good-humoured at, she realised she hadn't had chance to play dress up and promptly broke down. After about ten minutes of trying to calm her down and persuade her to walk home, I strapped her to my back (not ideal as I have major SPD pain today) and marched home. When I got home, already late, I was rushing to make lunch when Eleanor announced she wanted to play with glitter pens. I got them out and went to get the lunch things, then she demanded my assistance with said glitter pens. As I helped her to squeeze out the glitter, she announced that she'd done a wee. It was a big one. I peeled off the wet tights and training pants and was dashing around trying to find a laundry bag to put them in when I turned round and saw that she'd grabbed the cucumber off the table, where I had dumped it in order to help her with her flipping glitter pens, and she was trying to chew through the plastic wrapping.


A week ago I'd have shouted. I'd have REALLY shouted. I felt so stressed by this series of events and I just wanted Eleanor to stop being a nuisance while I got things sorted. And recently my method of getting her to stop being a nuisance has been shouting.

But I've been really frustrated with the amount of shouting I've done recently and I've been trying to stop myself this week. And today, when I was really feeling at the end of my tether, I did stop myself. I wasn't wholly calm, I did tell Eleanor how stressed I felt because I want her to know that people do get stressed and that's OK. But I was able to stop myself from losing it, get things sorted out and get lunch on the table without shouting.

That, to me, is a win. And it's one I'd like to celebrate.

Anyone else had a parenting win today?


  1. Well done on not shouting, I think that would have driven me to shout but like you I'm trying to cut down/stop etc. It's not easy in the heat of the moment though, is it?

    1. It's really hard, so I think we need to celebrate every time we get it right - I've found the more I dwell on the times I've shouted, the more I shout. Sometimes I need to remember that I can keep my cool!