Friday, 5 January 2018

Awaiting Assessment

There's been an elephant on my blog for the past few months. You may not have noticed it, but I certainly have. With every parenting post I've written it's been there, silently watching as I type, willing me to acknowledge it's existence. But I wasn't quite ready. Until now.

You see, Eleanor, my wonderful, funny, bright, confident, exhausting 6 year old daughter, is now on the waiting list to be assessed for autism.

I've said it. Deep breath. OK, elephant, you can come out now.

I won't go into a long run down of all the steps it's taken to get this far, but I will say it's been happening a while. It was picked up in preschool that she was struggling with the social and emotional side of her development  but we assumed that, as she was so advanced 'academically', she simply needed time to catch up.  When she moved onto a school nursery they hinted at the possibility of autism, but never actually said the word, and various other things going on meant I didn't pick up on it. Then in February last year her teacher at her new school suggested we refer her for an assessment. And it took from then to December to be accepted onto the waiting list, via various appointments and paperwork.

Don't let anyone tell you that they give out autism diagnoses easily!

I'll write about all this in time, but right now I just want to get it out there. I had debated waiting until we had an official diagnosis but as the wait could be up to a year for that (yes, really) I didn't feel I could carry on writing about parenting without acknowledging the elephant.

While going through all this I've drawn strength from reading blogs by other autism parents, and I can really see how this is an instance where the blogging community can bring much needed reassurance. If you're interested in checking out other blogs on this topic, the ones I've found helpful are Mummy Tries, Someone's Mum, And Next Comes L, Steph's Two Girls, Faith Mummy, Wee Ohana and It's A Tink Thing. If any of you read this, thank you.

So there we are. The elephant is out. Phew. Now for the long wait for assessment.


  1. Sending hugs! You are right! They don't give diagnoses easily...It's such a long drawn out process.
    My youngest girls teacher spotted the signs in June last year and we are on the waiting list to be seen. We have seen various people but the school nurse has put us on a waiting list to be seen by someone else. We were told the wait list was 18 weeks which is up later this month/early February.
    You are not alone xxx

    1. Thank you for your comment, it's such a difficult process. Actually compared to others ours has gone fairly smoothly which just shows how hard it is, even without too many complications it still took 10 months to get on the waiting list! I hope the process moves along soon for you xx

  2. Sending love and strength, it’s really good they’ve noticed this, often girls seem to slip under the radar because they present differently. You got this!?

    1. Thanks, yes we're actually quite lucky that she doesn't mask quite as well as other autistic girls otherwise we might have been waiting for longer.

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