About Me

Hello! I'm The Ish Mother, otherwise known as Rebecca/Bec. I live in West Yorkshire with my husband and two small children, Eleanor (5) and Ezra (1). No I didn't choose to alliterate, that was all down to the 5 year old.

This blog is my opportunity to talk about raising my two small people, and parenting in general. I aspire to be a gentle parent, try to be as eco-friendly as possible and resist gender stereotypes as much as I can. I'm not perfect at any of these things by a long shot, but I try my best.

I'm also a huge bookworm, and especially love children's books, so from time to time I will wax lyrical about the current favourite book that has tickled our fancy!

You can find me on Twitter under the handle @IshMotherBec for scintillating talk about how tired I am. Or look me up on Facebook for more of the same.