Sunday, 9 March 2014

"Enna's bein' a dardener!"

A while ago I blogged about how lovely it is to finally have our own garden for Eleanor to play in. The trouble is, the garden needs a lot of work to make it truly a family space, and the winter put a stop to most of our gardening efforts. So when today it was beautifully warm and sunny, we decided to make a start.

Eleanor has now reached the stage where she likes to helpful. Sometimes. If it's not something she's done before. Ask her to do something helpful on three or more occasions and you're pushing it. Novelty drastically increases her helpfulness.

So we exploited this today and asked her to help in the garden. It was basically a case of moving soil and bark from one part of the garden to another, very nearby, part. She loved it!

"Look at you," I said, "you're being a gardener!" And for the next 20 minutes she proudly repeated the phrase, "Enna's bein' a dardener!"

I was amazed at how long she stuck with this activity. Even my attempts to draw her attention to some worms fell on deaf ears as she completed her task - and she loves 'widdy worms'. (Actually, she did end up accosting one poor worm, who was relocated several times before she decided to go back to 'dardening'.) I'd definitely underestimated her concentration levels, and her enthusiasm when given a job to do.

After a while she got bored of the task and went to get the outdoor chalks and her ball. She decorated the patio and any other flagstones she could find. She climbed on rocks to get a different angle to throw her ball from. She watched aeroplanes soar over the street. She generally just enjoyed being outside on a warm day.

I'd love Eleanor to grow up to be green-fingered and I look forward to when she's old enough to understand about growing things. It surprised me just how much pleasure she got from simply shifting soil about so I can't wait to see her planting things out and watching them grow! I hope this is the first of many 'dardening' adventures we have together!

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  1. Aw, what a lovely time gardening. It's always fantastic to see little ones help in the garden, experience nature and fresh air.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids