Thursday, 17 September 2015

What’s In A Name? Introducing … The Ish Mother

So you might have noticed I’ve changed the name of my blog. If you haven’t, well … I’ve changed the name of my blog. And here’s why.

When I started blogging under ‘Growing A Girl Against The Grain’ I felt like my way of parenting was very different. I really felt like I was going against the grain by being gentle, babywearing (well, toddlerwearing by then) and breastfeeding beyond infancy. It seemed like everyone else was going with prescribed gender norms and prioritising formal learning over free, outdoor play. Basically, I felt like the odd one out. So I chose a blog title that was quite distinctive, like the way I was parenting. Or so I thought.

Then a wonderful thing happened. Blogging opened the doors to other blogs, blogs from people who actually were very similar to me in approach - but took it further. I found parenting bloggers who were going against the grain even more than me, like the wonderful Lucy of Lulastic. How can I say I’m an 'alternative' parent when faced with an amazing mama who is raising her daughters in a YURT, for goodness sake?!

The title ‘Growing A Girl Against The Grain’ started to feel like a pressure to be this amazing earth mother who shunned all conventional approaches to childrearing. But as my daughter gets older I find myself resisting ‘the norm’ less. She is now in preschool and next year will go to school. When I read blogs like that of Adele from Circus Queen and find out about her homeschooling journey, I realise that I'm not nearly as ‘against the grain’ as a lot of parents out there. I may be a bit different, but I’m not that different.

In short, I’m a bit … ish.

And that’s OK. It’s fine to do your best but still not be a home-crafting, zero-waste, endlessly patient and entirely gender-neutral mother. And maybe I should celebrate that, rather than pretend to be an expert on ‘alternative’ parenting. (I also long for the day when the things I do aren’t seen as alternative, but that’s probably another post.)

So here I am. I’m no longer Growing A Girl Against The Grain. Well, I am a bit. I’m just doing what I can. I’m gentle-ish. I’m green-ish. I’m feminist-ish. I am The Ish Mother.

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  1. Yes, totally agree with this, I think I'm a bit ish too. Great idea for a blog name!

  2. Thanks, I'm embracing my ishness!! When I try to do more it seems to go a bit wrong anyway, so why not accept that what I'm doing is good enough?