Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

Wilfred was bemused by his latest hat but excited about chewing the pom-pom off later
DISCLAIMER: There are probably numerous blog posts out there with normal, sensible suggestions of actual baby gifts. This isn't one of them. Or maybe it is, I don't know. Just don't expect a serious product guide, OK? Oh and always supervise your baby, but you know that, right?

It's getting to that time of year when people start to ask what they can get Baby for Christmas. I struggle to find an answer because (a) he's a baby so won't have a clue what's going on anyway, and (b) we still have all of Girl Child's old toys so he doesn't really need any more.

So while I've been racking my brains for suggestions, I started to think about what Baby would really like for Christmas. Here are a few ideas which I'm sure many babies would also appreciate:

1. Shoes

No, not for wearing. Don't be ridiculous. For playing with and licking, of course. Bonus points for fun dangly laces or lovely noisy velcro. Mud and general street dirt optional but, let's face it, that'll make them far more appealing, right?

2. A hairbrush

Again, not for it's actual purpose. As Baby's hair is roughly a centimetre long, that seems excessive. But bristles are apparently very satisfying to run over the tongue, and the handles double up as teethers. Brushes are apparently best enjoyed with a generous amount of hair already entangled in the bristles. Yuck.

3. A box of tissues

Now this is a less universal one, I concede. Some babies would prefer a packet of wipes. It's all down to personal preference. My boy, though, loves a box of tissues. So satisfying to pull them all out! So tasty to chew! So funny when Mummy accidentally steps on the soggy lump he spits out! What's not to love?

4. Stuff on shelves

Again, this is one where you have to take into account personal preference. Girl Child, for instance, loved books on shelves, whereas Baby has a clear preference for cloth nappies and all their accessories. Both are excellent options for pulling down and creating a huge mess, but the nappies have the advantage of creating a soft bed to cushion their fall when they lose hold of the shelf.

5. Laundry baskets

These are great for babies who are starting to pull themselves up. I say great, they're highly unstable and probably dangerous but that doesn't stop my baby. Where's the fun in pulling yourself up on something that won't threaten to overturn? Plus if you get a curved one they're great to roll around. Of course, getting one full of neatly folded clothes and tipping it over is THE MOST fun!

Hmm, not sure I'll be suggesting these to the relatives! What weird and wonderful things would your baby want for Christmas?


  1. We are in the babywipe camp, but probably just because there is more likely to be a packet on the floor.
    The toy box containing her big sister's toys is also more exciting than her own and this morning I removed Captain Hook's (Disney mini figure) head from her mouth.

    Are you sure this post isn't really about weaning?

    1. Haha, with babies it's a fine line between weaning and life in general, isn't it?! I had to fish some goggles from a Lego person of his mouth. Sigh.