Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Forty Winks

In the absence of a photo of me getting some sleep, here's the reason I never do
Do you know what I miss? Sleep.

This won't be news to anyone who knows me, or follows me on Twitter. I bang on about it all the time.

But I really do. I really, really, REALLY miss sleep.

I miss going to bed at night and not even thinking about when I'll be woken up because it was unlikely I would be.

I miss being able to stay up watching TV because I knew I'd still get enough sleep after.

I miss the days when 7am was an early start and not a lie-in.

I miss the days when at 9.30pm I'd say, "I'm having an early night," rather than, "how did it get so late?"

I miss hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock for an extra five minutes.

I miss having an alarm clock.

I miss lie-ins on weekends, proper lie-ins that last until at least 9am.

I miss having a nap on Sunday afternoons despite aforementioned lie-in.

I miss complaining about 'only' getting six hours sleep rather than celebrating it.

And I love my children. I really do. I'm enjoying the baby stage so much this time. I'm sad it's nearly over. I wouldn't change my little ones for the world. My life is immeasurably better with them in it.

But I still miss sleep.

I'm not even looking for advice. I know what I've tried, I know the reasons for not trying the things I haven't tried. I know this will pass. I know my five year old now sleeps through most nights, and so will my baby one day. I really don't need tips on how to change things, because I know they'll change of their own accord in their own sweet time.

But I still miss sleep.

I don't even want a night off. The thought of not having my little boy next to me at night is too much to even contemplate. I wouldn't sleep, I'd be worried about how he'd cope without me.

But I still miss sleep.

And there's really no other point to this post. That's it. I miss sleep.


  1. I don't think sleep is ever going to mean the same thing again. God, when I think back to all those weekends! What did I do with all that time before the cotbed appeared in the room? :)

    1. You're right, I'll never sleep like this again, but it's nice to dream isn't it?!

  2. I hear you - and generally I'm getting a decent amount now - but still feel desperate for more and waiting nervously for the next 'blip'

    1. Ahh yes, even when things improve you never know when a new teeth or illness will throw a spanner in the works! Oh well, I'll get some sleep when they're teens, right??! Before they start needing picking up from parties at ungodly hours that is!