Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Reading With The Baby: Dear Zoo

I have a confession: I'm a hypocrite.

Back in the mists of time when I had just one child to lavish my attention on, I wrote this blog post about getting your baby to love books. And yet, this time around, I've been rubbish at reading with the baby.

I tried. But not that hard. I kept forgetting to do it, or leaving books out for him to play with but not actually reading them. He just didn't seem that bothered. (Of course he didn't. I wasn't making a point of regularly reading to him.)

But now he's rapidly approaching toddlerhood (waah) I thought I'd better make more of an effort. I tried a few different books with varying results then went to the old classic, 'Dear Zoo'.

I won't review the book. Chances are you've all read it. Heck it's been around since 1982 - your parents might have read it to you! But it was quite wonderful seeing Baby read it for the first time. His eyes lit up when I lifted the first flap, and by the end he was actually giggling!

It's a simple thing. We take lift-the-flap books for granted, but to a baby they really are very exciting! 'Dear Zoo' is now a big favourite and I'm looking out for more lift-the-flap books to introduce him to. What are your suggestions?

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