Tuesday, 7 March 2017

To my son, on his first birthday

Sampling his baby-friendly birthday cake!

So, baby. You're one. Where did that year go, eh?

It doesn't seem like a year since we welcomed you into our living room. And yet at the same time I only have the fuzziest recollection of life without you. You've quietly and calmly carved out your place in our family like you were always here.

And that's you all over isn't it? Quiet and calm. Not always, of course. Like all babies you have a good cry when you're tired, or ill, or just frustrated by your limitations. And you have a good line in babbling too. But in comparison to the whirlwind that is your sister, you're a pretty laid-back kid. You're our gentle giant.

It's interesting watching you develop. I thought I'd seen it all before with your sister but then you're a different person so of course your path is already your own. You crawled earlier - five and a half months - but stood unaided later. You took your first steps just over a week ago and have been persisting with a quiet determination despite not getting any further than two steps. You may be quiet and laid-back but you still wreak havoc, just more stealthily!

You were an 'easy baby' from the start. You fed well despite having tongue tie (I suppose my experience helped there) and rarely cried. At first it looked like you might be the better sleeper but no such luck. That's the one sticking point in an otherwise glowing report actually - seriously, kid, you need to sleep. If the time starts with a 4, that's not morning, OK?

But you get away with being a sleep thief because you're so darn cute. You have a cheeky little smile, and a way of looking at me that reminds me of the heart-eyes emoji. You learnt to cuddle at 3 months and will wrap your arms round my neck and plant a big 'sploshy kiss' on my cheek (your sister's phrase) many times a day.

I'll write more another time about your relationship with your sister, but it's heart-melting. I love you. I love her. But you and her together - well, it blows me away. I'm so happy you have each other.

So baby. Another year is ahead of us. One in which you'll stop being a baby. I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of the baby stage yet seeing as you're my last one, but your persistence in learning to walk tells me it won't be long before I have to admit you're a toddler. Girl Child keeps asking me if I'll cry when that happens. I probably will. You've just been such a lovely baby to have.

OK enough of this soppiness. Here's to being one, baby, and may your gentle and calm personality continue into toddlerhood. Please. I can't cope with two livewires!

P.S. In case any readers are wondering about the cake in the photo - it was adapted from this recipe by Clare from A Wee Bit Of Cake and tasted yummy. I also attempted banana cream cheese icing but that wasn't so yummy!

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