Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Why Take A Positive Discipline Course?

As a lifelong bookworm, I tend to think that the answer to every problem is in a book. From quite early on in my life as a mother, I've turned to parenting books to try and solve the challenges we've faced. I'm quite picky in what I read - I'll happily admit that I only read books that align with my gentle parenting style - but I've lost count of how many I've read over the last five years. And if it's not books, it's articles, websites, blog posts ...

So if I've done all this reading, why did I sign up to an online parenting course? Surely I've come across all the answers already?

Well, yes and no. When I heard about the Attachment Parenting UK Positive Discipline course, I was interested to see how it differed from the many, many books and articles I'd already read. Because, of course, I don't have all the answers, so I'm always on the lookout for new ways of learning more.

The course is broken down into ten modules, each starting with an introductory video from APUK founder Michelle McHale, and including written information and reflection questions for the participant to answer for their own personal use. There is then a quiz to test understanding at the end of each module.

The main difference I found between taking the course and reading a book was the mindset it got me into - the video, reflection questions and interactive quiz led me to actively engage as a 'student' rather than just a reader. I could copy and paste useful quotes into a separate document for future reference, and the reflections got me thinking much more consciously about how I parent, and even how my childhood affects my parenting. I've written before about the parenting style questionnaire which is part of the second module - for me this set the tone of the course, encouraging me to look at my situation rather than passively reading other people's views and experiences.

As for the content, even a parenting book junkie like me could learn something new, and it would be a great starting point for someone who hasn't read half a library's worth already. The course combines information from many different sources, making it a 'one-stop shop' for getting you going with Positive Discipline.

Has it changed me as a parent? That remains to be seen. I'm certainly more consciously committed to making my actions match my beliefs, and I have used some techniques discussed in the course in the few weeks since I started it. And I'm not alone to figure it all out myself - the course includes access to a Facebook support group and a session with APUK's in-house parenting coach. This means that if I come up against challenges I can't figure out, I know I have options for further support that a book on a shelf doesn't necessarily offer.

If you like the sound of this course, you can get 50% off the usual price with the code theishmother50 (I'm not on commission, but if you do use this code I'll get the rosy glow of knowing that I've helped someone else to learn about Positive Discipline!)

Disclaimer: I was offered free access to the course for the purposes of writing this review, however all words and opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. I was looking at doing this course a while ago but ended up doing one at my local children's centre instead. I think it's such a great course to do online and I recommend everyone should do some sort of parenting class as being a parent can be challenging

    1. I agree - I wasn't sure how much I'd learn but it has actually made a big difference to the way I parent.