Friday, 23 June 2017

Review: 'Daisy And The Trouble With Chocolate' by Kes Gray

I haven't written about what Girl Child's reading in a while. This is mostly because, actually, I don't get to read with her very much any more. She's been able to read pretty much fluently for two years now but her growing attention span means she can happily sit with a chapter book and read to herself, rather than wanting to be read to. I still get to read bedtime stories every other day (husband and I alternate) but those are short stories from a Disney book and, to be frank, there isn't much to write about.

So with her reading independently most of the time, I don't often know what she's reading. I don't have time to sit and read a chapter book like I did with picture books. But last week I found a book in the library I thought she might enjoy, and it made her laugh so hard I had to read it myself!

Girl Child loved the Daisy picture books when she was younger. Daisy is a really fun character - witty, a bit rebellious, smart and curious. She doesn't scream 'girlie' at you either, which is refreshing. I thought the chapter books might be a bit too much for Girl Child at first - she tends to read shorter ones still - but she sat and read the whole thing cover to cover in about an hour! I'm not sure she took everything in the first time, but she's since reread it about five times so must have covered the whole story by now!

So what do I think to the book? It's good fun and I can see how it would appeal to kids. It combines two storylines - Daisy looking after the pet hamsters over the Easter holiday, and going to Chocolate Land, a chocolate theme park. The part that had Girl Child properly belly laughing was the hamster storyline and I could see why, there is lots of talk about hamster poo which is of course hilarious to a 5 year old! The Chocolate Land part is more far-fetched, but would be really exciting to a child: chocolate face painting, a rock band with chocolate guitars, chocolate magic shows etc. The whole thing made me feel a bit queasy but to a child it sounds like heaven! It's a very easy read - the text is broken up with lots of fun illustrations, and the repetition of 'the trouble with' throughout the story will help to keep children engaged.

More importantly, Girl Child thinks it's hilarious and says it's her favourite book ever! This week anyway ...

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  1. My middle two really enjoyed this book too, she's a fun character! Thanks for sharing with #readwithme

  2. This book sounds brilliant, I'm sure my son would love all the talk of poo too! Great to hear how much your daughter enjoys reading too. #readwithme #kltr

  3. She does really love reading, but if you say that to her she'll say, "no I don't, I just love books!" Bless her!

  4. As soon as you said poo lol I knew my son would love it, I will have to look out for it at the library. Thanks for linking up to #KLTR

  5. I think any child book that talks about poo would be a big winner and cause a lot of laughter in my home too ha ha! I love the name of your blog too! Thanks for sharing these with KLTR.