Monday, 7 August 2017

Review: Sticky Brick Tape

Girl Child loves Lego. She asks for it for Christmas and birthdays, she went to an after-school Lego club in Reception, and she insists on going to the Lego activity days that happen every school holiday. I love to see her building new things, and acting out scenarios with her minifigures!

The only thing that bothers me slightly is that she can be quite prescriptive in her approach. She likes to follow instructions on how to build certain things, and while she might modify those things slightly, it's rare for her to try something completely new without instructions. I'd love to see her be more spontaneous and creative with her builds, although I suppose that will come with time.

One thing I had seen that I thought would encourage her to think outside the (Lego) box is the new craze for tape that you can stick to surfaces and build Lego onto. I was so excited when Sticky Brick Tape got in touch offering me a chance to try some out!

We were sent 4 rolls of the Sticky Brick Tape in various colours. At first Girl Child was quite tame with her experiments, just wanting to try one strip on her wardrobe door, but she soon got really into it and wanted to embellish and create an 'E' for her name.

(Sorry for that last picture - that's her 'smile for the camera' face ...)

We then discovered that the tape is just the right width to stick on the edge of her desk so tried that, and Girl Child came up with the idea of using the curve as a slide for her minifigures.

Then we got into personalising objects with the tape. Coincidentally enough it fits perfectly inside Girl Child's clock, so we decided to use small Lego pieces as counters to represent the numbers around the clock. This was my favourite project I think - it looks really effective!

We had great fun playing with the Sticky Brick Tape and I was very impressed with it. I was concerned that it might not fit perfectly with Lego bricks but actually it was a doddle to build on. The only tricky part was when we tried to build over two pieces of tape for the 'E' - you need to be careful to cut evenly and line it up straight, but other than that it's so simple to use. It's also easy to peel off and move, so if you change your mind mid-design you can easily change position.

We probably only scratched the surface of what's possible with this tape - no doubt as it becomes more widely used there will be lots of inventive ideas around, maybe some that we'll come up with ourselves as we get more practised at using it!

If you want to have a go with Sticky Brick Tape you can order from their website, or they have a giveaway currently running for a set of 4 rolls of Sticky Brick Tape! Click here to enter the giveaway - it is running until Friday 29th September and you can find terms and conditions on the competition page.

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with 4 rolls of Sticky Brick Tape for the purposes of this review, however all words, images and opinions are my own.

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