Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Five Easy Ways To Be Greener In Your Kitchen

It's a while since I've done a green-ish post, and today's Blogtober prompt is Kitchen, so I thought I'd share some tips I've found about being more eco-friendly in what is often the busiest room in the family home!

Before I start, I will point out that I'm in no way a green guru when it comes to cleaning. Nor am I much of a domestic goddess either. But these are tips I've found that, even if I don't stick to them rigidly, at least encourage me to try. I'm definitely in the 'every little helps' camp when it comes to being green - doing something, however small, is always better than doing nothing.

So here are five ways to make your kitchen more environmentally friendly ...

1. Ditch the wipes

Cleaning wipes are just so easy, aren't they? Ready to use, in a neat little pack, and you can just chuck them away when you're done. The trouble is, you chuck them away when you're done. So to save space in your bin (and reduce the amount of waste going landfill) just swap your wipes for cloths. Better still, you could reuse unwearable clothes as rags. We all have a weaning-stained babygro or torn T-shirt lurking somewhere, rather than bin it just cut it into squares and you have cleaning cloths for free!

2. Choose eco-friendly cleaning products

Of course, if you're using cloths and rags, you'll need a cleaning product. Often I find that just water will do the job if it's a small spill, but if you need some heavy duty cleaning, try to choose products that are better for the environment. We use Method all-purpose spray which uses plant-based ingredients and smells lovely. Or if you've got a bit of time, you could make your own cleaning products - there's a great, straightforward post about this over at Wood For The Trees.

3. Get a plant!

I'm a notorious plant-killer. Which is a shame as house plants are fab for making your house greener, literally and metaphorically! They reduce levels of carbon dioxide, humidity and dust and some even eliminate toxins in the air too. Better still, by keeping one in your kitchen it's near a water source so you might even remember to water it! Choose plants such as peace lilies, spider plants and English ivy - or get an aloe vera plant so you've got an instant soother next time you burn yourself cooking! (Just me? I did say I'm not a domestic goddess!)

4. Get reusable straws

This is something I was discussing just this morning. Girl Child is obsessed with straws. And as she sometimes doesn't drink as much as she should, I'm pretty slack at letting her have what she wants just to get her drinking. But the piles of straws we get through makes my heart ache knowing how un-green they are. So I'm going to get hold of some reusable straws, like these funky stainless steel ones or these lovely candy stripe ones.

5. Compost your cuttings

This is such a simple one you're probably all doing it already, but just so there's one I actually manage to do reliably I thought I'd include it anyway! Rather than filling your bin with potato peel and apple cores, just chuck them in the compost - keeps them out of landfill and supplies you with lovely compost for your garden. I'm finding composting especially useful now Toddler is in the 'chuck it on the floor' stage - any salady bits or fruit can just go in the tub and I don't feel so bad about the waste!

What are your top tips for being greener in the kitchen?

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  1. We do most of these already - we've only recently started composting though. When we lived in Scotland the council took all food waste for recycling so when we moved it took a while to get a compost heap started. #blogtober

    1. That's great that they took food waste, I wish councils here would follow suit as I'm aware not everyone has a garden to put compost in.