Tuesday, 31 October 2017

My 4 Favourite YouTube Channels For Kids

It's the last day of Blogtober, and the final prompt is YouTube. I have to admit, YouTube is the social network I use the least. I rarely watch videos for me because when I'm on my phone I'm usually keeping it quiet to avoid waking the toddler as her drifts off, or drawing enquiries from the 5 year old as she suddenly wants to know what that noise is. And my kids don't watch a lot of YouTube either. Eleanor used to as a toddler but it was all too easy for her to skip from bearable videos to ones that made me want to scream, so I weaned her off it.

That said, there are a few channels that I actually find not only manageable, but even enjoyable. Here they are, in no particular order:

Barefoot Books

I used to be a Barefoot Books ambassador before the European scheme closed down and I found this channel useful for learning about their singalong books. It wasn't long before Eleanor started watching them with me and really enjoying them. Singalong books are picturebooks containing lyrics with an accompanying CD of the song, and the Barefoot Book channel incudes videos of all the singalongs with animated book illustrations. We used to love joining in with the songs, and Eleanor would sing them to herself all the time!


This is one Eleanor stumbled across by virtue of watching the Barefoot Books ones. At first I rolled my eyes but actually, although the animations are quite basic (and at times a bit creepy) the songs are very fun. They're performed by A J Jenkins, whose voice is reminiscent of Jack Johnson which always made me chuckle. I was reminded of them when Eleanor was in Reception and I spotted her class watching some of the videos on the whiteboard at the end of the day. Which leads me to believe they're highly educational so absolutely FINE for kids to binge-watch.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

This is a recent discovery. Regular readers will know Eleanor is a spirited child and I've been trying out different ways of both getting her energy out and encouraging her to calm herself and focus her mind. Cosmic Kids does both - it's yoga, but not as you know it. Each routine is very lively and follows a fun story, but ends with a lie down and quiet contemplation. We don't often get to do the routines because they are a little long and Ezra climbs on me if we try to do it when he's around, but we love doing them whenever we get a chance.

Maddie Moate

Eleanor and I absolutely love Maddie's show 'Do You Know?' on CBeebies but Maddie started out as a YouTuber and has loads of great educational videos. Maddie is a fantastic children's presenter and role model - curious, adventurous and enthusiastic about learning more and showing what she's learnt. While we have 'Do You Know?' on series link it's great to have her YouTube channel to go to for fresh content to keep Eleanor interested.

So those are my tips, which kids' YouTube channels have you found that won't make me want to scream?!

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