Monday, 9 October 2017

Why I'm Sick Of Ice Cream

It's Day 9 of Blogtober and the prompt is Ice Cream. I was a bit stumped about what to write for this - I'm not a foodie blogger in the slightest. Plus, at the moment, I'm sick of ice cream.

And soup. And biscuits dunked in tea. And mushed up Weetabix.

Why? Let me explain. Warning: if you don't like the dentist, you should probably read a different post!

I have an impacted wisdom tooth. Which means that instead of growing up, it grew diagonally into the molar next to it. It hurt a bit while it was growing but I've lived with it fairly peaceably for around a decade. Until this July.

I went for a check up. All looked fine, dentist seemed very happy, it even looked like I wasn't going to have to see the hygienist. Win! Let's just look at these X-rays ... Ah. There's a dark patch on the molar that's being squished by my wisdom tooth. A dark patch probably means a hole. One that can't be filled without removing the wonky wisdom tooth.


So I booked an appointment for the extraction in mid-August.

Now, I've been dreading this for years. I've heard horror stories about having wisdom teeth out, and this is no ordinary wisdom tooth. I knew it'd be unpleasant. But I steeled myself for the inevitable, reminding myself that once it was done this tooth would give me no more trouble.

The day came. I was nervous, but kept myself calm with the breathing and distraction techniques I'd learnt in my last pregnancy.  (Honestly, decent antenatal classes are well worth it!!) I was breathing as calmly as I could with someone's hand stuffed in my mouth. Then after a fair bit of tugging, the dentist stopped.

"Your tooth is quite firmly attached," he said, "and you've got quite a thin jawbone. I need to put more pressure on the tooth but there's a chance that that might break your jawbone."

Oh no oh no oh no ...

"So if you feel any discomfort at all in your jaw just put your hand up."

Wait, what? No, no. Surely this is the bit where you stop? But he continued. Now I couldn't distract myself, I had to focus to make sure there was no pain. The first twinge I felt my hand shot up. He stopped pulling, and after a bit more prodding, announced I would have to go to hospital to have it removed.

That was about six weeks ago. Today I had my first hospital appointment, a consultation, and have now booked for the tooth to come out in just over two weeks. In all the time I've been waiting, the slightly dislodged wisdom tooth has been putting pressure on the teeth next to it, meaning that it hurts to chew. Hence living on soup, mashed cereal, soggy biscuits and, yes, ice cream.

I reckon that in three weeks I'll be healed up enough to eat normally again. Then I will be taking a long break from ice cream. Then I'll be eating apples. And pizza. And nuts. Lovely, crunchy food.

So yeah, it turns out you have to go to pretty extreme lengths to put me off ice cream!!

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  1. Oh my goodness. What an ordeal! I hope you get it sorted soon. Ouch x

    1. I know, my poor mouth! Not long to go now, here's hoping it's straightforward!!