Thursday, 30 November 2017

Advent Acts Of Kindness

On Monday I wrote about a new 'tradition' I'm starting this year with my kids - the Book Advent. But last year I started another Advent tradition, which was Advent Acts Of Kindness.

A few years back I bought a wooden Advent calendar from a local charity shop - I think it cost around £5 but I thought it would be good to save us buying overpriced calendars every year. Plus it meant that, as Girl Child was just a toddler at the time, I could put healthier treats in it instead of giving her a daily dose of chocolate.

Last year I thought she was old enough to add another level to the preparations. I'd seen about the idea of giving children activities to do every day through Advent, and more specific ones about 'Random Acts Of Kindness', and I thought this was a great way to encourage children to see Advent as a time of preparation and participation, not just eating sweets!

You can find all kinds of printables online with pre-written prompts, but I wanted to be able to tailor the activities to our situation so I quickly designed my own little slips to print off and fill in myself. Not the prettiest solution admittedly, but it gave me a little more control over what we did.

As Girl Child was at school during the week this limited our time a little so, for the most part, the actions were small things we could either fit around school (such as litter picking on the way home or phoning relatives in the evening) or she could do at school (like talking to someone new or hugging a friend). We saved more complicated things for weekends (e.g. baking for her teachers) or the school holiday (anything requiring a visit). We also used it to encourage her to help around the house and get her Christmas cards written!

Why did we choose Advent Acts Of Kindness? For me as a Christian, Christmas is all about love. And so taking time to think of others, to do something kind for someone else, even if it's just a case of saying hello or feeding the birds, can be a great reminder of what the season is all about, and of how we can express love for others in lots of different ways.

I think incorporating a bit of kindness and selflessness into children's daily lives is an important lesson whatever the time of year, but I certainly found the structure of Advent very helpful. I can't say with all honestly it started a lasting trend of daily do-gooding - the excesses of Christmas and birthday celebrations kind of detracted from it a bit - but hopefully if we do it every year it will plant a seed that will help both my children grow into kind, selfless and compassionate people.

So tomorrow I start it all again! What Advent Acts Of Kindness will we do this year? Comment below with your suggestions, I'll try to keep you updated on our progress via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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