Thursday, 23 November 2017

What To Buy From WAHMs This Christmas (And Why)

It's just over a month to the big day - how organised are you? Everything bought or still trying to work out what to buy? And do you go for the big stores or try to shop local?

I'm definitely disorganised, very little has been bought so far but I quite like the last minute rush! One thing I do try every year is to buy at least some of my presents from small businesses - it's so important to support them, and you can often pick up lovely unique items you just couldn't find anywhere else.

I especially like buying from work-at-home mums (WAHMs). I guess it's a solidarity thing from my WAHM days, but I know how hard it is to juggle childcare with a small business, and to make yourself heard above the clamour of big businesses. I also know the feeling you get when someone places an order - someone once said that when you buy from a WAHM you make someone somewhere do a little happy dance! For me, knowing I'm supporting another mama makes the gift-buying process even more meaningful for me.

Don't know any WAHMs? Don't worry - I've had a look for you and found some brilliant WAHM-made products on Etsy. All these sellers have a special place in my heart as they are either based in, or have lived in, my current home county of Yorkshire so it's great to support local mums too.

Christmas-themed gifts

I love getting festive-themed gifts, it's always nice to get something out of the decoration box in later years and remember the person who bought it. There are some really gorgeous Christmas decorations on Etsy - like this Candy Cane Wreath from JEMLeeatMagic. 

Or how about a card that doubles as a gift? These handmade Christmas cards from Dillymoo Designs are decorated with beautiful knitted items which make them great to use for decorations in future Christmasses. 

Also from Dillymoo Designs is this beautiful Framed Star with the quote 'Robins appear when loved ones are near'. This would make a really thoughtful gift for someone who may be missing a loved one at Christmastime. 

I also really love these felt heart-shaped baskets from Northern Handmade Collective - these would make lovely gifts filled with sweets, or placed on the tree for a little treat on Christmas morning!

Gifts For Kids

It can be easy just to go for toy overload at Christmas but that's something I try to avoid - I think less is more when it comes to toys. So what else could you get your little ones?

I really love buying children's clothes from WAHMs - it's lovely knowing that your dressing you child in something unique and I often get great comments when my little ones wear WAHM-made clothes! At the moment I'm in love with these dinosaur dungarees from Spider & Fly - what child (or adult) doesn't love dinos?!

For children of babywearers, you could get an item of clothing made from wrap scraps from Mama Pixie UK, like this gorgeous pixie hood. Or if it's for a baby who's still being worn, how about protecting those little toes from the cold with these super-cute rainbow booties from IndigoSky2Knit?

For something a little different, you could go for a personalised rainbow picture from Dillymoo Designs to brighten up their room. Or if you have more money to spend, how about this amazing play kitchen from The Joiners Workshop? (This one's more like a work-at-home-dad, but hey, I'm not picky!)

Gifts For Grown-Ups

I don't know about you but I always find adults harder to buy for than children! It's so hard to know what they want, what they already have etc etc. But with buying from small businesses you can get something really individual - a gift for someone who has it all!

For family members, I think this family tree cushion cover from Delix Designs would be fantastic - what a lovely way of being reminded of your nearest and dearest! Or on the family tree theme, this Fingerprint tree from Pink Cottage Prints would make a lovely gift for grandparents, and something the whole family can help to personalise.

Speaking of families, if you have a friend 'in the family way' you could get her some birth affirmation cards from Mama Pixie UK to help her on the big day!

Jewellery is often a winner with female friends and relatives, and personalised items can feel all the more special. This floral bracelet from Delix Stamped Designs can be engraved with a message of your choice. And men don't have to be left out - the same shop also offers a personalised bottle opener!! (OK, women drink beer too - maybe you could get a matching set for a couple?!)

For all those people you know who are too busy to drink a hot cup of tea, how about getting them a beautiful crochet mug cosy from IndigoSky2Knit to buy them a little more time? Actually, I think I could do with one of these!! 

There is so much choice on Etsy, these are just a few of the many great gift options out there - and you're pretty much guaranteed to make someone happy-dance whatever you choose!

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links - this won't affect how you shop, but means if you buy through one of the links I'll get a few pence to spend on pretty things myself!

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