Saturday, 20 January 2018

Sick Days - Then And Now

I've not been keeping up well with blogging recently. This is because I've been ill since before New Year so when I do get a bit of child-free time I just want to veg out and try to get over this seemingly never-ending bug.

But it seems like it's here to stay for a bit longer so I may as well use it as material for a post, eh?

Remember staying in bed when you were ill? Those were the days! Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

Something I often think about when I'm ill is how different it is now to when I was at work. For the record, I did my fair share of dragging myself in when ill - but now I wonder why? Yes there's the guilt of letting colleagues down, and the worry about who's going to do all the stuff you need to get sorted, but really, I wish I'd taken a few more sick days before I had kids. Because, seriously, in hindsight they were BLISS!

Here's how my sick day routines compare from then and now.

Waking Up

Then: Alarm goes off at 7am. Realise within five minutes I'm too ill to go in to work. Reset alarm for 8.55am so I can phone in sick. Go back to sleep.
Now: Toddler wakes up at 4am. Try to feed him back to sleep then when that inevitably fails start making little whimpering noises in the hope my husband will take pity on me and get up with him. (To give my husband credit, he usually does.) If this is successful, sleep until 6am when husband needs to get ready for work and I need to take over toddler watch.


Then: After phoning in, sleep for as long as humanly possible before shuffling through to the kitchen, grabbing as much food as I can carry and plonking myself on the sofa.
Now: The school run waits for no mum. I still have to get both kids fed, dressed and out of the house for 8.30am, unless one of my wonderful friends is able to take Girl Child to school, in which case I at least don't have to dress Toddler. Otherwise, wrap myself up as warm as possible and walk to school regardless.


Then: Daytime TV. DVDs. 'Friends' boxset. Sleep.
Now: CBeebies in an effort to keep Toddler relatively subdued while I flop on the sofa and make sad noises. Occasionally interrupted by dealing with chores that won't wait (laundry, dishwasher, nappy changes) or collecting Toddler from upstairs after he's managed to wriggle under the stairgate while I was dozing. 


Then: Whatever's easy. Crisp sandwiches. Chocolate. Maybe a satsuma in a vague gesture towards trying to be healthy and get some vitamins. Cup-a-soup. Basically junk food until my husband got home and made tea.
Now: Still a fair amount of junk food but as I still have to provide healthy food for the kids I may actually make the effort to get myself something decent. Oh and I make tea now. Which, in all honesty, when I'm feeling rubbish probably won't be that healthy, but, y'know, I still have to get off my bum and sort it.


Then: Attempt regular conversation with the husband after tea before giving up, changing into fresh pyjamas (oh yeah I forgot that - remember not actually having to get dressed on a sick day?) and going to bed at 7.30pm.
Now: Attempt to help with the kids' bedtime routine as much as possible, desperately trying to persuade Girl Child she wants an early night when what she actually wants is to ask me suddenly-urgent questions arising from today's Geography lesson and bounce on the armchair. Finally get her to bed, flop on the sofa to wait until she's properly asleep before risking going back upstairs myself, only to find myself too exhausted to move and ending up playing on my phone until 10pm.

Starting to see why I've been ill for three weeks ...

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  1. I never needed a sick day till my daughter was born! Then nursery refusing to take child with fever meant I got it too. (Mainly stayed off for her, if she had been well I'd have taken paracetamol and gone in).