Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Review: Stickerkid Name Labels and Stickers

School uniform. Is it the bane of anyone else's life? Trying to keep it all clean and ironed, (yes, ironed - proper button-up shirts here *groan*) getting all manner of stains out (you can find a tip on removing pen marks in this post) and of course making sure everything is labelled so that when something inevitably goes missing, it can be identified five years later when it finally resurfaces.

Girl Child turned six just after Christmas. Now when she started school I was canny and bought age 5-6 clothes so she'd be in them for ages. And it looked like I might get away with stringing them out a bit longer as she's a tad short for her age, but just before her birthday she started catching up in the height department. So that means new uniform.

Having run out of name labels in Reception because she just couldn't stop wrecking shirts, I was very happy to hear from Stickerkid who kindly offered me a review pack of their kids' name labels. The pack they offered was the Discover Stickerkid set which includes 60 small stickers, (for non-clothing items such as stationery, water bottles etc) 22 medium stickers and 20 iron-on name labels.

Small stickers to the top of the image, name labels to the left and medium stickers to the right
I liked how you could personalise the stickers not only with the text but also with colour, font and even an image for the medium stickers. I was worried this would be a tricky process but the website was really clear and easy to use, the only challenge was choosing the right combination! As Girl Child's favourite colour is blue I felt confident I was making the right choice, but the image was trickier as she changes her interests so often! After hovering over the rocket and the football I opted for a cute stylised tree as I thought this was more neutral. My only slight niggle was the inclusion of 'boys' and 'girls' categories, I think those images could have been sorted in less gender-specific terms.

Delivery only took a few days and I was really impressed by the quality. I soon had a chance to put the stickers to the test as Girl Child has started taking her own snacks to school. I used one of the medium stickers on her snack pot and, having been through the dishwasher twice, it shows no signs of budging! The colours are really vibrant on the stickers and the font very clear and easy to read.

A new set of tights gave me a chance to test out the iron-on labels. They were really easy to apply - just holding the iron down for 30 seconds, no faffing around with repeated pressing - and look to have fused well to the fabric. I haven't tested them out in the washing machine yet but will report back when I have. Again the font is really clear and the labels are smooth after application so won't rub or scratch. I like that these labels are removable too, so if any clothes are ever in a fit state to be passed on I can do!!

Apologies for the slightly dodgy photo, it's surprisingly hard to photograph the inner waistband of tights!!
The Discover Stickerkid pack is £14.99 which I think is great value, and there are lots of other packs on the website to choose from too.

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with the Discover Stickerkid pack for the purposes of this review, however all images, words and opinions are my own.

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