Saturday, 2 February 2019

Things We've Done To Be Greener In ... January

In some ways it's been a bit of a demoralising month in my effort to live a greener life. Toddler has completely regressed with potty training but now won't stay still enough to have a cloth nappy on, and having failed to find reusable training pants that contain his wees I've resorted to pull ups in the day. He's still in cloth at night, and at least I've avoided a lot of nappies going in the bin over the past two and a half years, but I still feel a bit disheartened. Hopefully when the weather is better we can have another go at potty training.

I've also discovered a few random things I've been recycling that I really shouldn't - shop receipts, for instance, are usually coated in BPA, who knew? And apparently our local recycling plant can't accept black plastic because it doesn't show up on the conveyor belt. Which seems ridiculous to me, but hey, I'm not an expert.

So what have we managed to do a bit more greenly in January? Well ...

Had a low waste party

Girl Child's birthday is at the end of December but to give everyone chance to recover from Christmas we had her party mid-January. Parties can be massively wasteful, but luckily we're not too far from Waste Not Parties, a small business that hires out reusable party kits. The kit included crockery and cutlery, tablecloth and napkins, and decorations that can all be used over and over. They even clean everything up for you! Looks great, don't you think?

I also avoided having party bags full of little plastic toys by making up little craft kits for the kids to do at home. We did mess up by over-catering, but whatever wasn't actually picked up by a child was put in tubs and taken home for us to eat, so I think overall it was a success!

Conscious Decluttering

That sounds a bit Gwyneth Paltrow, doesn't it? Sorry about that.

KonMari seems to be a big thing at the moment, and while I am totally on board with decluttering, the implication that we should just throw out anything that doesn't 'spark joy' just doesn't sit right with me. So while I have been trying to declutter, I've been doing so in a way that won't add to waste disposal issues. Anything that's still usable I've tried to re-home with friends or good causes. I am trying to sell some of the bigger, nicer stuff but that's a battle to be honest so if anyone has any tips on reselling I'd love to hear them. Unusable stuff has been sent to recycling as much as possible, including textile recycling for tatty old clothes (I have more than enough rags now!). I still feel like there's a long way to go but I feel determined to get rid of our clutter without turning it into trash!!

Have you found any tricks or tips to be greener in the last month?

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  1. Well done or your efforts to be greener. I love the idea of the waste not party. I wish that has been an option (or I'd thought of it) when my daughter was younger. My main ways of trying to be greener involve trying to eat less meat, which I've bee reasonably sucessfsuc at. I also get a veg box from a local organic farm, which means less packaging / less food mike's. It's probably a bit dearer than the supermarket but the money I save from buying less meat helps with that