Monday, 15 April 2019

Review: Maverick Early Readers

Are your kids in the 'book band' stage of childhood? Boy, was I glad when that stage ended with Girl Child. As much as I have a fondness for Biff, Chip and Kipper I think we can all agree that early reader books aren't always the most inspiring children's literature you'll ever read. It's understandable really, I imagine to qualify for a particular book band the author has to work to fairly rigid rules which isn't exactly conducive to creativity.

However, I recently received a set of 10 early reader books from Maverick Children's Books and was pleasantly surprised by them. Unlike many of the offerings that have come home via a book bag in the last three years, these stories are funny, quirky and a joy to behold.

What struck me immediately about these books, which cover book bands purple, white and gold, was the variety of themes contained within them. A lot of early reader sets follow the same characters or fit into a similar genre. However, in this set the books are all self-contained and cover different topics and genres, from a ballet story to detective fiction and several funny stories too. Each book is like a taster of a different genre, which is great for discovering what your little one is into.

I won't go through every book as that would make for a very long post, but I think my favourite one is 'The Time Train'. I love a bit of time travel and thought this story was really clever, exploring different eras in a humorous way. I also enjoyed the reinvention of the Cinderella story in 'The Coach, The Shoes and The Football' and the funny antics of the 'Chicken Knitters'.

All of the books include the bright, bold and witty illustrations that are a hallmark of Maverick's style, and that complement each story beautifully. Obviously the illustrations are smaller and therefore simpler than in picture books but they are still packed with character and detail to keep the reader interested and engaged with the story.

Despite having moved on from reading schemes a few months ago Girl Child was still happy to read through these books which surprised me as she's usually quite resistant to reading anything she thinks she's too old for. We even had to tell her to stop reading them because it was mealtime!! It'll be a while before Preschooler is ready for these obviously but I'm definitely going to put them away for when he's older to liven his reading material up!

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with these books by the publisher for this review but my words and opinions are all my own.

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  1. The Maverick Early Readers are brilliant -. so much more interesting than most reading scheme books I've come across.


  2. These do sound good. I never understood why school reading books, particularly once kids were fairly competent readers, had to be so much more boring than normal books! I have now totally forgotten what all the book band colours mean. I remember when I knew them all off by heart!

  3. I've never heard of them, but they look like a great collection to have.

  4. Aaaa these would have been fab for mine when they were younger! #readwithme

  5. These sound great. I love how you said each one felt like a taster into a different genre. #KLTR

  6. Not heard of these. Look like they would be ideal for party bag gifts too #readwithme

  7. These sound fab and definitely a good change from the usual reading scheme ones. I've seen some by Big Cat too which are really good with some written by well known authors and brilliant non fiction too. #Readwithme

  8. Sometimes these sort of readers can be so dull! Glad that you found a good bundle! Thanks for joining in with #KLTR

  9. Oh man we're on the second time around of Biff, Chip and Kipper with my second child and they are so dull lol. I need to check these out! #KLTR