Friday, 31 December 2021

Farewell to Blogging

 Well, I think the title says it all really!

Over this year I've often had an idea for a blog post. I've even started drafting it in my head. But then ... I just haven't found the inclination to actually write it.

I started this blog, under a different name, when my daughter was a toddler. She's 10 now. There have been times I've tried to make my blog a success like those shiny influencers you see on social media, but for various reasons I never quite managed it. Mostly because as a person I'm not particularly shiny, and I can't pretend to be either.

As my children got older I felt less comfortable writing about them. Not only that, I became less comfortable writing about my own parenting views, because the older they get the less certain I feel that anything I do is 'the right way'. I could move away from being a parenting blogger, but I don't read quickly enough to be a book blogger, and I can't really find any other niche to slot into.

Aside from all this, my life is changing. I'm no longer a stay at home mum - my kids are in school and I've got a job that feels like the first step on the way to doing something meaningful and enjoyable with my time. I loved the years I spent with my children and wouldn't change that, but it feels good to find something else I might just be good at.

So all in all, I feel like I've moved beyond blogging. I could try to keep it going, as I have done very sparsely over this year, but really it's another thing to think about in an increasingly busy life. 

So this is farewell. And thank you to those of you who have read my posts, commented, chatted to me on social media. I'm glad my posts occasionally connected. I'm still hopelessly addicted to social media so will probably see you around on there!

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